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Message started by Forum Admin on May 28th, 2007, 11:48pm

Title: munger1~ version 1.3.1 released
Post by Forum Admin on May 28th, 2007, 11:48pm

Following series of releases since March 2007, this is considered first 99.9% stable and optimized version of the Max/MSP/Pd external. munger1~ is a port of incredible realtime granular synthesis object from the PeRColate library (by Dan Trueman and Luke R. DuBois) on steroids--meaning, it offers a number of new and exciting features. However, rather than smothering everyone with a laundrylist of what I refer to as a swiss-army kinfe of granular synthesis, here's the relevant link to the latest release:

http://ico.bukvic.net/Max/munger1~_latest.tar.gz (400KB-ish)

If you encounter problems with the tarball, try the following zip file:

http://ico.bukvic.net/Max/munger1~_latest.zip (400KB-ish)

The package comes with the source, build environment for Linux (gcc), OSX (gcc), and Windows (MSVC). It also includes statically linked prebuilt binaries for linux-pd-i386, windows-maxmsp-i386, and OSX UB. If you happen to build an external for other platforms please forward me the statically linked binary so that I can include it in the official release.

About munger1~: munger1~ is a platform-agnostic realtime granular synthesis external for Max/MSP and Pd built using flext library. Since it is way too cool to describe using words, my advice is to simply try it out ;).

This object was made in collaboration with Dan Trueman, Thomas Grill (flext), and Ji-Sun Kim.

Questions? Comments? Post 'em here, or simply email me.


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