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...on my Art

"...these are awesome."

--"Dimitri" on Borealis desktop sound theme for Linux


"amazing! I just installed your theme and LOVE it! This should really be considered for the default theme in KDE 4 or 3.4 (hopefully sounds support will be added into the theme manager at the very least)."

--Corbin Hall on Borealis desktop sound theme for Linux


"Brilliant... I read your overview before hearing the sounds, and by that I could only expect them to be good, not by taste, but from efficiency side. I had never thought of what could make a sound theme to be good (not on taste's side) and reading your overview I have to say that I completely agree with you... You've chosen the right direction, I must say... Simply brilliant. Thanks!"

--Henrique Maia on Borealis desktop sound theme for Linux


"Brian Eno did the start-up sound for Windows 95, so now we've got real competition on the desktop!"

--Daniel James on Borealis desktop sound theme for Linux


"They laughed, they cried, they loved it."

--Christopher Bailey on Out of Doors Suite Part 2 performance at the SPARK 2004 festival


"...[a] constant challenge...suprising harmonic changes...All of that brings the piece to musical enormously intense and triumphal ending...[the anthem] echoed in enthusiastic reaction from the audience."

--Milan Hudnik on String Quartet Croatian Anthem


"...I really loved your piece (in fact, my whole family, including my 12-year-old daughter who like little, loved your piece).""...I just played Mr. Ping for this year's class last week and got the comment from some that it was the best thing I've played them so far this year (true!)..."

--Jeffrey Hass on Mr.Ping


"...The interior movements contain the best real time electronic interface music I have heard. The sounds are gorgeous, the phrases fluid, upredictable and the music simply beautiful. The interaction between the guitar and the computer was subtle and sophisticated. Inside this music, I recognized two complementary traits. The first is Mr. Bukvic's outstanding ear for acoustically manipulated sounds. The second is his charming penchant for simple, diatonic/modal music. This was combined to great effect..."

--Henry Gwiazda on SlipStreamScapes III: The Sea


"...impressive work (thesis and MP3)...a live performance with treatment via RTCMix and the composer's own RTmix running on a Linux-powered laptop."

--Dave Phillips on SlipStreamScapes III: The Sea


"...The second movement of Meditations II begins with what appears to be a texture reminiscent of klangfarbenmelodie. Gradually, however, Mr. Bukvic transforms this into something much more engaging and exciting to listen to. By developing the metric and rhythmic aspects of the opening texture, he creates a succession of varied sections that imply several musical styles... They create the perfect structure... in that the artistic interest of the work is always increasing never decreasing..."

--Henry Gwiazda on SlipStreamScapes II: Visions


"...I will therefore express here my deep satisfaction with his technical progress and remarkable artistic growth. I have enjoyed very much working with him, and was truly happy to see his very special talent and diligent effort come to fruition in such a fine recital. I am confident that Ico has a bright future in the field of composition!"

--Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon on the BM recital


"Outstanding recital with many different types of music... Congratulations on this fine achievement."

--Darrell Handel on the BM recital



...on my Research

"AMAZING! much thanks that you did this..."

--Dennis Gnad on Borealis Superkaramba theme for Linux 


"Thanks for this theme, it's absolutely great."

--Andrew Svet on Borealis Superkaramba theme for Linux


"Very good software...

1)very nice

--Akmal Araneae on Borealis Superkaramba theme for Linux


"...thanks for this great theme. It's so clean and useful, I just love it... awesome work, keep it up!"

--Niels Ganser on Borealis Superkaramba theme for Linux


"Excellence... hmmm isnt superkaramba nice? My windows using friends are starting to really get interested in linux/KDE because of such EyeCandy. Great work. This is just what I have been looking for."

--"Nik P" onBorealis Superkaramba theme for Linux


"This is the best monitor theme for Superkaramba bar none... I like the simplicity and also the compact style."

--Luke Monahan on Borealis Superkaramba theme for Linux


"The BEST theme of everytime!"

--Gabriele Tibaldi on Borealis Superkaramba theme for Linux


"Impressive... This is very nice indeed!"

--Herman Roozenbeek on Borealis Superkaramba theme for Linux


"I just wanted to let you know that the 0.16 binary works perfectly here. I ran a script with multiple calls to Csound and aplay, everything sounded as it should... Very cool software, Ivica!"

"...I set up a system last night with multiple streams from Csound, aplay, and mpg123..."

--Dave Phillips on RTMix v.0.16.


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