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5. RTMix in Action

The works listed below are listenable on the internet and are available in mp3 versions. If you would like to hear any of author's works in the CD quality, please order a CD by contacting me.

NOTE: if you would like to submit your work to be included in this documentation, please feel free to do so. Simply e-mail me your information and a short description of the work and the way how you utilized RTMix, as well as the URL to the (optional) recording of it, and I will post it below.

RTMix has been so far used in the following works:


5.1 SlipStreamScapes III: The Sea

Written in 2000, this work was author's Masters degree thesis and is currently one of my most popular creations. It follows up on the tradition of its precursors, exploring sonic landscapes in a meditative fashion. This was also my first ambitious endeavor in utilizing live interaction between computer and a live instrument (in this case guitar). The work consists of five movements where the first and second, as well as fourth and fifth, are “fused” together, while the breaks envelop the third movement. The first movement is purely acoustic in both its structure and its sound. Following three movements utilize live interaction between guitarist and computer, as well as live playback of both prerecorded and live-recorded and processed sounds. The fifth movement is for tape only. All movements carry programmatic titles, although their names have been determined only after most of the work was completed. The piece utilizes RTCmix for live processing  and playback. The movement names are:

1) Wave Dances
2) Endless Blue
3) The Eye of a Storm
4) Forgotten Shores
5) Vox ex altis

Duration: 27:41 (26591KB)
Format: mp3

LISTEN (requires Internet connection)


5.2 SlipStreamScapes V: Lullaby

Lullaby (2002) employs two acoustic pianos and a computer. Both pianos are processed in real-time using RTcmix scripting language, and a composer-designed instrument MOCKBEND. The work focuses around bending the pitch of the real-time performance creating a surreal sonic landscape whose clear arch-like form depicts one's soul transcendence into a state of deep slumber. This work is dedicated to my [at the time] newborn son Sebastian.

The work was first premiered at the Music2002 festival in Cincinnati, followed by performances at the Indiana and Oberlin Universities.

Duration: 08:12 (7882KB)
Format: mp3

LISTEN (requires Internet connection)

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