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6. Development

This chapter covers the current development status including the ChangeLog of past fixes and improvements, TODO list for the future versions, and the information about bug reporting and other feedback.


6.1 ChangeLog

v.0.72 rev.a (3/14/2003) -- Maintenance Release

v.0.72 (3/13/2003) -- Maintenance Release

v.0.7 (3/10/2003) -- Major Release

There is simply a huge number of fixes and improvements. I'll do my best to list them all. Here they are, in no specific or organized order:

v. 0.52 rev.b (12/16/2002) -- Maintenance Release

v. 0.52 rev.a (12/1/2002) -- Maintenance Release

v. 0.50 (11/1/2002) -- Maintenance Release

v. 0.48 (9/15/2002) -- Major Release

v. 0.16 (1/29/2002) -- Major bug fixes

The previous "bug-fix" was actually more of a bug-maker than a fixing release, rendering
v.0.15 useless. Parser had problems parsing data correctly thus failing to time events
correctly. Thus fixes included in this version are:

v. 0.15 (1/7/2002) -- bug fixes

v. 0.1 (12/10/2001) -- Initial Release


6.2 Future







6.3 Bugs, Comments, and Suggestions

RTMix is continuously being improved. However, often it is not the development of new features, but rather the bug-hunting that steals a lot of time. Therefore any comments, suggestions, and ESPECIALLY BUG-REPORTS are greatly appreciated. Together we can make RTMix better -- if you encounter a bug or desire a particular feature, simply e-mail the author and be sure to include all pertinent information in order to expedite its resolution and/or implementation.

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