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Jul 25th, 2024, 2:51am
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RTMix v.0.7 available!
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RTMix v.0.7 available!
Mar 9th, 2003, 4:02pm
Hello fellow musicians, composers, multimedia sculptors, and developers!
It is my pleasure to announce the newest release of RTMix version 0.7.
New improvements include:
*Internal error widget has been removed.
*External Error Log now became a general purpose Console.
*Added visuals for monitoring of data at the bottom of the external Console.
*Sped-up the start-up time by 300-400% (literally Smiley)
*Fixed bug where global transport events did not execute on a local client causing many scripts to fail.
*Reordered Tabs on the main widget.
*Made External resizable widgets resizable only when performance was not in session (in order to minimize cpu-utilization by RTMix during the performance settings).
*Fixed Metronome weird resizing bug. Now when the meter is changed, the widget resizes appropriately.
*Fixed color coding errors for the notification interface.
*Re-arranged the settings saving routines.
*Added new parameters to the config file.
*Added networking authentication code and made it configurable in the settings tab.
*Added filter for events in order to disable potentially malicious sys-calls to be executed.
*Fixed gazillion (literally Smiley) bugs in the parsing engine.
*Standardized error and logging output messages.
*Color-coded Console messages.
*Added "go-to-error" feature.
*Implemented MIDI protocol as a separate thread. Users can now use MIDI for real-time events, as well as MIDI routing.
*Provided new tabs in the settings menu that enable user to specify the appropriate MIDI port.
*Implemented OSC (Open Sound Control) for inter-app communication.
*Implemented generic OSC network communication.
*Implemented OSC routing for the purpose of sharing the MIDI port.
*Enabled variables to be included in notification interface messages.
*Enabled multiple instance of variables and MIDI parameters to be included in functions, assigns, and events (sys calls and others).
*Fixed metronome's inconsistent resizing.
*Fixed bug where BPM's  on the metronomes 2-4 were corrupt.
*Jump events now interpret events they jump to in a proper fashion.
*Added full-fledged HTML documentation (Yay!)
*Included more tutorials and provided better annotations for the older ones.
*Made apply button disabled in the settings menu, unless something was changed.
*Made MIDI monitoring and MIDI logging buttons disabled by default, unless the real-time monitoring is enabled.
*Added color-coding and more verbose descriptions of the real-time events in the table.
*Enabled differentiation between keyboard presses and releases and their mappings to the real-time events.
*Added line-number tool for the editor.
*Fixed behavior of the probability parameters.
*Annotated more parser's warnings.
*Implemented protection against infinite recursion scripts.
*Other stuff that I cannot think of at this moment.
For downloads, please go visit the CPU's section.
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