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Shaders Ahoy! v.1.0
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Shaders Ahoy! v.1.0
Nov 24th, 2007, 7:42pm
Shaders Ahoy! 1.0 is a collection of GPU shaders provided in conjunction with a Max/MSP/Jitter patch to run them. Originally released in June 2007, Shaders Ahoy! mimic effects from the Apple's Photo Booth software and as such not all of them will be useful on all platforms (apart from the fisheye shader which is apparently broken in Max 4.6 and earlier). That being said, the collection is heavily documented and as such should pose as a useful learning tool for those who wish to explore this exciting world of new possibilities in real-time video and audio stream processing.
Some of the algorithms in these shaders are based on Libero Spagnolini' work and are adapted/extended here with his permission. For more info on Libero's work please visit: http://dem.ocracy.org/libero/photobooth/.
Shaders Ahoy! is distributed under the latest version of the GNU GPL license.
For more info on the GPL license, please visit:
To download Shaders Ahoy! click here:
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