Tabula rasa

Pencil (photo by Brendan DeBrincat)

My doctoral dissertation (2005) consisting of a composition and a supporting manuscript for piano, cello, flute, and interactive computer. Using MaxMSP, each instrument is fed separately into computer via three microphones and is processed in real-time, generating a symbiotic relationship between the acoustic and electronic counterparts. The ensuing electronic soundscape is generated in real-time solely from the live performers’ output. The work was commissioned by the NeXT Ens and completed while I was teaching at Oberlin College. The project was in part sponsored by the $6,000.00 national graduate student award by the Croatia’s National Ministry of Science, Education, and Sports.

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  • NeXT Ens premiere, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 2004.
  • Oberlin College’s mmm festival, Oberlin, Ohio, May, 2004.
  • Live broadcast on the WOBC radio station in Oberlin, Ohio, May, 2004.
  • Music04 festival, Cincinnati, Ohio, June 2004.
  • EMM festival, Lewis University, Illinois, September 2004.
  • CMS Great Lakes Chapter Conference, WKU, Kentucky, April 2005.
  • FEMF festival, Gainesville, Florida, April 2005 (by invitation).
  • 0th Sound contemporary multimedia art concert (Dissertation Concert), St. Pius X, Edgewood, Kentucky, May 2005.


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