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Ivica Ico Bukvic, D.M.A. facebook
Associate Professor
Computer Music
ICAT Senior Fellow
Director -- DISIS, L2Ork
Virginia Tech
School of Performing Arts – 0141
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0240
(540) 231-6139*

So, here you are, sitting in front of a noisy box of transistors surfing the Net and then, as if things could not get any more suspensful, you stumble across this page. Awesome! Now what? Well, if you are here to learn more about me and my work, this is your lucky day...

About me

Although I vocally disagree with the separation of arts and sciences, if I had to describe my work in conventional terms, I would think of myself as an artist-scientist hybrid--a composer, researcher, intermedia sculptor, and performer/practitioner. My art draws upon synergies among aural and visual, acoustic and electronic, interactive works and installations, while my research focuses on scientific exploration of pragmatic and creative potential of new multimedia technologies in a pursuit of the overall betterment of quality of life. If I had to name one thing that ties my ostensibly eclectic artistic output and scientific vectors together, it would have to be the ubiquitous interactivity. I am currently working at Virginia Tech (VT) as an associate professor in computer music in the SOPASchool of Performing Arts, founder and director of the new Digital Interactive Sound and Intermedia Studio (DISIS) and world's first Linux Laptop Orchestra (L2Ork), a Senior Fellow in the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT), the first artist faculty member of VT's Center for Human-Computer Interaction (CHCI), and as a faculty (by courtesy) in department of Computer Science and the School of Visual Arts. Unless all this tongue-twisting verbiage has already put you to sleep, please feel free to investigate some of my creative output below.

I explore connections among the arts, sciences, creativity, and technology. Most recently this involves developing new creative tools, with particular focus on big data immersion, large-scale digital signal processing and spatialization, K-12 education and community engagement, and cross-pollinating arts with mind & body health. I believe in transdisciplinarity, integrative and holistic approach to collaboration, and a better future through culture and technology.


My latest work can be found via DISIS, L2Ork, and ICATICAT sites, including DISIS YouTube channel with footage of performances, installations, and tech demos, as well as works of my students. Older samples of my art can be also found here and here.

My cumulative CV.

Additional goodies in PDF format (grants, publications, syllabi, conference slides, descriptions of works) available here. More recent publications can be found on my Research GateResearch Gate portal.

My "official" VT faculty page with a bio, and more links'n'stuff.

Contact me.

Old Stuff
Following content is provided here primarily for historical reasons. Since my life has moved mostly into the Web 2.0 domain, the best place to find out what I am up to these days is viaL2Ork,DISIS, or simply good ole'Facebook.

My 2002-2009 blog/board/whatever junkyard. Here you'll also find info on various goodies I released over the years, including Max & Pd externals, RTMix, Soundmesh, SPiDSiG, Borealis sound and superkaramba themes, Shaders Ahoy! GLSL collection, and past research developments and papers, conference slides etc.

What would an artist be without a critic (old, pre-2006 collection of comments/feedback/accolades on my research and art projects)?

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