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02/07/2009 -- ver.2.6 (historical re-relase 2.5b without problematic uninstaller)
*REQUIRES Superkaramba v.0.35 or higher
*This re-release is mainly for historical reasons and may not (partially or at all) work on newer versions of KDE and/or Superkaramba.

01/21/2005 -- ver.2.5b Minor rimprovements
*REQUIRES Superkaramba v.0.35 or higher
*Fixed desks bar to allow for up to 20 virtual desktops to conform to changes in KDE 3.3.
*Fixed installer to probe for necessary changes to the KDE startup script when using 3ddesktop.

-- ver.2.5a Installer improvements

*REQUIRES Superkaramba v.0.35 or higher
*Installer now supports install into any folder.
*Numerous other install/uninstall improvements and bug-fixes.

11/26/2004 -- ver.2.5 Media bar improvements
*REQUIRES Superkaramba v.0.35 or higher
*Bar formerly known as Xmms bar is now a generic "Media bar" which can interact with Xmms, Amarok, Juk, or Noatun (configurable during install).
*Updated documentation.

-- ver.2.4
Bug-fix release
*REQUIRES Superkaramba v.0.35 or higher
*Updated CVS snapshot of the superkaramba released fixing bug that caused "crash when minimized" (big thanks go to Petri for this fix!).
*Added optional fix for the wireless strength not displaying correctly (if your strength is always showing 0 even when you are connected, please run the wirelessfix.sh script found in the ~/Karamba/Borealis/ folder).
*Updated FAQ.

09/24/2004 -- ver.2.3 Bug-fix release
*REQUIRES Superkaramba v.0.35 or higher
*Fixed bug that caused premature exit from the install script due to some leftover debugging code.
*Fixed "Borealis.sh not found error" bug during uninstall (thanks to "willi" for pointing this out).
*Fixed desks.py.template file so that the 3ddesktop is disabled by default (again, thanks to "willi" for pointing this one as well).
*Polished uninstall script to remove files only if they exist.

09/01/2004 -- ver.2.2 Bug-fix release
*REQUIRES Superkaramba v.0.35 or higher
*Fixed bug where desks bar was positioned incorrectly after installing.
*Fixed bug that caused incorrect writing of the x and y positions for the systray and desks bars during initialization.

-- ver.2.1 Bug-fix release
*REQUIRES Superkaramba v.0.35 or higher
*Fixed the garbled background on the systray when the bar starts minimized.
*Fixed desks bar to properly minimize itself at startup.
*Updated superkaramba v.0.35 CVS snapshot to fix some of the compile errors including:
karamba_python.cpp:344: error: invalid conversion from `const char*' to `char*'

-- ver.2.0 (a.k.a. "Quantum Leap")
*REQUIRES Superkaramba v.0.35 or higher
*Tons of optimizations and script improvements.
*Tons of bug-fixes.
*Utilizes latest additions to the superkaramba package (CVS).
*Inclusion of sound events.
*Completely revamped drawing engine.
*Systray and desks bars resize automatically to accomodate space for externally added desktops and systray icons.
*Included script for background and font color customization.
*8 variations of background bar designs included.
*CPU footprint is now down to 2-8%.
*Expanded documentation.
*Added new wireless networking bar.
*Many additional features (consult the new Manual for more info).

07/10/2004 -- ver.1.5 (a.k.a. "It's 5:43am and the birds are chirping outside")
*Added Xmms bar. Please consult screenshot3.jpg for more info how to use it.
*Improved installer (added Xmms bar configuration and autodetection of compatible cpu sensor).
*Improved icons for pop-up menus.
*Some cosmetic improvements.
*Updated install info (added xmmsctrl as a prerequisite).
*Much smaller tarball (removed screenshots).
*Announcement: I just found out that this theme was chosen as the default theme in the MDK superkaramba RPM (soon to be available in the contrib repositories) Yay! :-)

07/05/2004 -- ver.1.4
*Added user-configurable option to the install script to use KDE virtual desktops even if the 3ddeskd is found.
*Added uninstall script.
*Expanded FAQ.

07/01/2004 -- ver.1.3
*Fixed install script to properly add applications which are to be ignored when saving session at logout. The problem apparently affected setups where no "excludeapps" setting was found in the ksmserverrc file.
*Optimized the CPU, memory, and hd monitoring bars, resulting in typical CPU usage between 2-9% on my notebook (specs provided in the overview), which is a 2% lower than before.
*Provided alternative ways of displaying cpu speed (depending if you have ACPI and other stuff installed). See cpu.theme for more info.

07/01/2004 -- ver.1.2
*Redrawing of the systray bug has been resolved by using the redrawWidgetBackground() superkaramba API call.
*Fixed bug where on other resolutions the y-axis repositioning did not work correctly.
*Added install of default .rc files to the install script.
*Saving of the bar state now works correctly.
*Sliding of the bars should be a lot smoother and there should be less artifacts during the animation.

06/29/2004 -- ver.1.1a
*Minor fix to the install script to detect whether the user has the $HOME/.3ddesktop folder already created (and if not, then the script automatically creates it) prior to installing 3ddesktop settings.

06/28/2004 -- ver.1.1
*Install script now includes configuration of hd and network bars so that users can specify which drives and network devices they wish to monitor.
*Several minor bug-fixes to the install script.
*Minor fix to the cpu.theme and memory.theme by adding quotes around the 'align' parameter value in order to correct a problem that was pointed out by HermanR.

06/27/2004 -- ver.1.0
*Initial release.


*Allow easier customization of graph colors
*Possibly add more bars with other functionalities

Copyright Ivica Ico Bukvic 2004
Manual Content Distributed Under the GPL License