"Borealis" Superkaramba Theme Manual

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Desks bar displays currently availabe virtual desktops, allows traversal between them, as well as dynamically detects changes in number of virtual desktops.

HINT: This theme works just fine in conjunction with other virtual desktop applets and detects virtual desktop changes generated by other programs.


1) Clicking onto the bar minimizes and restores the bar:

Left Mouse Click

2) Moving mouse over any of the inactive virtual desktops will temporarily highlight them. Left-clicking onto a virtual desktop icon will change the current virtual desktop into the one selected and highlight their icon and number.

3) To change the current number of virtual desktops right-click onto the desktop, select Configure Desktop option and edit the following tab:

4) If the 3ddesktop is used in conjunction with this theme, then the leftmost desktop icon will be also highlighted every time mouse passes over it. Middle-clicking onto it will activate the carousel mode:

(Hold mouse over the thumbnail for file size)

ADVANCED: To enable/disable the 3ddesktop feature you can either re-run the installer or edit the ~/Karamba/Borealis/desks.py file using any text editor and change the line use3d = x, where x = 0 for KDE virtual desktop switching and x = 1 for 3ddesktop virtual desktop switching. If editing manually, make sure that you have 3ddesktop installed. For more info on how to install 3ddesktop, please consult the Install page.

5) Bar automatically resizes itself to accomodate space for the newly-created virtual desktops, as well as remove unused space (minimum size of the restored bar is 4 spaces in order to make it the same size as other bars):

HINT: If the bar is minimized and the number of available virtual desktops changes and/or the current virtual desktop is changed, the bar will automatically restore and if necessary resize itself.

6) Bar's minimized/restored status will be restored upon subsequent logins.

Copyright Ivica Ico Bukvic 2004
Manual Content Distributed Under the GPL License