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Q: I installed the theme and the CVS superkaramba but every time I minimize any of the bars the superkaramba crashes?
A: This is a superkaramba bug which is apparently affecting only some of the users. As of 10-06-04, a new CVS snapshot of the superkaramba was released which fixes this problem. You can download it from this theme's website or by obtaining a CVS snapshot from the superkaramba's sourceforge page.

Q: My wireless connection is working but the connection strength keeps showing 0. Why?
A: Due to fact that apparently either different wireless cards display iwconfig info differently or perhaps there are different versions of iwconfig floating around, parsing of the connection quality (which is calculated as a signal-to-noise ratio) needs to utilize alternative syntax. To fix this, run the wirelessfix.py file found in the ~/Karamba/Borealis/ menu and follow the instructions.

Redrawing of the systray is still leaving white square background upon logging in. Why?
A: As of the version 2.0, this problem should be completely fixed.

Q: Why does my desktop cycle through virtual desktops once I log in?
A: You are likely using 3ddesktop which does so to gather snapshots of each desktop, eventually returning to the first desktop. If you don't like this behavior, you may want to edit the 3ddesktop file (usually found in the /usr/bin directory) and remove "--acquire" flag from the line invoking the 3ddeskd.

Q: How can I alter the settings of the networking and hd monitors? Is there an automated config for this functionality?
A: YES! As of version 1.5, you can configure these during install.

Q: The text and/or graphs are not very legible when I am using this theme with my background wallpaper. How can I change font and/or graph colors?
A: As of v.2.0 you will be given an option to modify the background bar color as well as the font colors during install. You can also modify the colors after install by running the colorcustomizer.sh script.

Q: I have other superkaramba scripts and I don't want to redundantly run multiple instances of superkaramba because this theme has its own startup script. How can I fix this?
A: This theme is started by running the main.theme file which simply invokes other themes using a string of theme files with their relative paths (each bar in this package is a separate "theme"). You can easily add other themes here and have them all start as soon as you login.

Q: Why use an Autostart script anyhow?
A: As of version 2.0, there is no more startup script because the Superkaramba bug that was preventing proper placement of the multiple themes has been fixed in the latest release. Now the theme should be saved within the KDE session.

Q: Why is there no info about my IP address on the networking bar when I am not connected to the internet? Wouldn't it be nicer to have some text stating like 'disconnected' or something similar?
A: This has been fixed in the version 2.0.

Q: How do I uninstall this theme?
A: As of version 1.4 there is an uninstall script "uninstall.sh" which must be run as superuser which reverts all the changes done to your system.

Q: I am using another theme with a systray in it and when I start this theme, all kinds of weird stuff happens. Why?
A: Superkaramba (and KDE desktop) support only one system tray and when multiple trays are invoked you get all kinds of weird things to happen including flickering icons that are positioned weirdly all accross the screen and even crashes. To fix this make sure to do the following:
1) disable other theme with a systray or edit the main.theme and comment out the systray.theme by putting a "#" at the beginning of that line.
2) make sure that your kpanel does not have a systray applet on it already.

Q: I have more systray icons than what can fit on the systray bar. How do I change size of the systray bar?
A: As of version 2.0, this has been fixed. The systray now resizes itself automatically. Prior versions offer manual expansion via middle-click pop-up menu.

Q: I do not see the cpu speed in the cpu bar and I get all these periodic errors outputted from the superkaramba in the console. What is going on?
A: As of version 1.5, the installer chooses the most appropriate way of monitoring cpu speed. Should you still encounter these errors that means that your kernel has been compiled in such a way that it does not allow any of the 3 possible ways of monitoring cpu speed.

Q: Considering that the widgets move off-screen, is this theme Xinerama-safe?
A: Yes.

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