"Borealis" Superkaramba Theme Manual

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IMPORTANT! This theme requires Superkaramba v.0.35 or higher in order to work.

This desktop superkaramba theme has been inspired by the sound theme "Borealis" that I created and as such I see it as a visual counterpart to it (although obviously it does not require the sounds in order to be useful). For the sound theme please see:


The goal of this theme is to provide a visually appealing way of monitoring vital computer statistics as well as access to the most-common desktop interface features (i.e. virtual desktop and system tray) while generating minimal amounts of desktop clutter, as well as providing the on-the-fly ability to toggle visibility of individual groups of sensors. Finally, I've tried to optimize the script as much as possible in order to minimize the CPU footprint. Current version typically uses between 2-8% (not including the momentary spikes when minimizing/restoring monitoring bars) of CPU on a mobile Athlon64 3000+ running in powersave mode at 800MHz (using 32-bit version of Linux). Some optimizations available in the v.0.35 of the superkaramba are already a part of this theme, such as auto-resizable systray as well as auto-resizable and auto-highlighting desktop changing bar, all of which are a result of my contributions to the superkaramba project. Further optimizations will become possible as soon as I add some more features to the superkaramba engine itself.

This theme is borrows a few things from:
Oskar Ellstram http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=12957 (4 icons)
Tomas Galvez http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=13500 (1 background icon)
Adam Geitgey (detect resolution script)

Copyright Ivica Ico Bukvic 2004
Manual Content Distributed Under the GPL License