"Borealis" Superkaramba Theme Manual

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Systray displays currently opened systray-aware programs and/or applets. Its behavior in this respect is identical to Kicker's systray.

IMPORTANT! Before starting the theme, make sure that no other systray applets are running (i.e. other systray Superkaramba themes or the Kicker systray), as this will make Superkaramba and/or Kicker crash.


1) Clicking onto the bar minimizes and restores the bar:

Left Mouse Click

2) Clicking onto the systray icons follows the exact same behavior as it does in the Kicker.

3) Bar automatically resizes itself to accomodate space for the newly-created icons, as well as remove unused space (minimum size of the restored bar is 4 spaces in order to make it the same size as other bars):

HINT: If the bar is minimized and an icon is added/removed, the bar will automatically restore and resize itself.

4) Bar's minimized/restored status will be restored upon subsequent logins.

Copyright Ivica Ico Bukvic 2004
Manual Content Distributed Under the GPL License