"Borealis" Superkaramba Theme Manual

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8 retractable bars:
    System tray
    Virtual desktops (uses either 3ddesktop or built-in KDE desktop switching)
    Cpu monitoring
    Memory monitoring
    HD space monitoring (user-configurable, uses "/" and "/home" by default)
    Network monitoring (user-configurable, uses "eth0" by default)
    Wireless monitoring (user-configurable, uses "wlan0" by default)
    Media bar (Xmms, Amarok, Juk, Noatun)

User-friendly: the theme comes with an installer that offers auto-configuration as well as customization of the theme settings during install.

Highly optimized: the theme uses between 2-8% of CPU on a 64-bit mobile XP 3000+ running in power-save mode at 800MHz (not including momentary spikes during sound playback and various animations). In addition, when bars are minimized, their redraw is suppressed in order to further minimize their impact on the processor and therefore your productivity.

First theme to incorporate sounds: most of the interactive events (i.e. minimizing/restoring bars, network connection detected, button clicked, etc.) produce accompanying sounds (KDE's Arts server required for multiple sound streams to play simultaneously). Sounds are furthermore spatially positioned to provide for the best possible feedback.

Individual control: every bar can be minimized and restored inidividually enabling the user to have full control over their desktop.

Full desktop integration: first theme to feature auto-resizable systray and virtual desktops bars. Both bars resize automatically to accomodate space for the interactively added/removed icons and/or virtual desktops , desks bar detects external changes of desktop (via mouse wheel or any other paging applet), hence posing as full-blown replacements for their kicker implementations. In addition, this theme is Xinerama-safe.

Verbose information: even when minimized, some of the more time-critical bars (i.e. networking and xmms bars) provide needed information regarding their status.

Additional options: several bars allow for additional functionality via pop-up menus which are accessible by middle-clicking onto the bars.

Zero-config start-up: theme automatically detects resolution and repositiones itself appropriately (xwininfo required which is a part of the standard X server package; alternately you will be given an option to enter desktop width during install).

Eye-candy: virtual desktops can be managed via built-in KDE switching (default) or via very nice looking 3ddesktop OpenGL tool (configurable during install).

Copyright Ivica Ico Bukvic 2004
Manual Content Distributed Under the GPL License